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Posted February 08, 2019 14:59:10In a photo shared on Instagram by a friend, the younger brother of a man who has been receiving cosmetic surgery in Saudi Arabia has his face turned upside down and his cheeks, nose and eyes filled with plastic surgery tools.

The older man, who goes by only the alias of “Sophie”, is one of thousands of Saudi citizens, including women and children, who are being given plastic surgery at the kingdom’s elite King Fahd Medical School.

His older brother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, says his brother was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and has undergone a plastic prosthetic eye.

Sophia, who is only 16 years old, was given a plastic eye, nose, mouth and cheeks.

“My eyes are a little bit damaged but my nose is alright,” Sophie told News.


“I think the biggest problem with my nose and mouth is that I have to wear a mask all the time.”

Sophias face has become a mirror of his younger brother, as his face is covered in plastic surgery instruments, including an open mouth, eyelids, cheeks and nose.

Sylvia said she decided to start the surgery when she was 14, as she felt “embarrassed” by her older brother.

She said her brother’s face had become a mask for him.

“I thought I was a weirdo,” she said.

“But when I looked at his face, it looked like a plastic surgeon had put a mask on my face.”

“My face was getting bigger and bigger, and he was making me look more and more like him.”

She said she had already tried other plastic surgery treatments, but was told her face had turned into “a piece of garbage”.

“I was told by people that my face would change so quickly if I just started eating healthy and exercise,” she added.

Sydney’s first ever plastic surgery clinicThe operation was initially performed by a plastic surgeons team in 2014.

“They wanted me to have a nose job and a chin job, but I said no, because I’m too young,” Sophie said.

The younger brother then began receiving cosmetic procedures, including a nosejob, liposuction, eyelid surgery and cheek fillers.

His facial contouring is now permanent.

“He is now one of the best patients in Saudi and one of those who will have the biggest impact on the health of his people,” said Sophie.

Sophies father, a Saudi businessman, also started plastic surgery when he was just 18.

“Sophys face became a mask, so we all got together and we decided to have it done,” his father said.

The surgery was a huge success, but it was not without its critics.

One commenter on the Facebook page of the King Fahad Medical School, which runs the surgery, said the younger man had been “saved from a terrible life”.

“He was a good boy, who had the right to have his face changed, but unfortunately his face has turned into something worse,” the poster wrote.

After his face became the mask, the older brother was taken to the King Faisal Medical School to receive a facelift.

“The facelifts are much more complicated than what we had done in the beginning,” the older man said.

Sikh men receive face transplant surgery in IndiaThe operation in India began when a Saudi man, identified only as “M.K.”, received a facial transplant from a fellow patient, a Sikh man who is in his 70s.


K., who has a prosthetic face, told NewsCom.AU he was told that facial transplant procedures are very expensive in Saudi.

He said the cost of the operation in Saudi was around $30,000.

“There were many complications and they had to wait until they were well and fit to undergo surgery,” M. K. said.


M., a Saudi citizen and a surgeon in the King Abdulaziz Medical School at the Kingdom’s main hospital, said facial transplants were done on a daily basis.

They were carried out on an average of seven people a day, and each person had to have two operations.

However, “the cost per operation was far lower than what was done in other countries,” he said.

He said he had seen patients undergo facial transplans in other parts of the world.

“Some have been treated well and some have been left with a huge scar,” he added.

Saudi authorities have previously said the cosmetic surgeries performed at the King Saud Medical School were not cosmetic surgery, but rather cosmetic procedures for cosmetic purposes, to improve health.

While facial transplations are being performed on Saudi citizens and some other foreigners, they are not being done by the King’s son, the official Saudi Press Agency reported last month.

The Kingdom has also banned face

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