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Plastic surgery is a big business in Italy.

And it’s not just the country where the practice is in its infancy.

But it’s also in the world at large, where the majority of the world’s population now live.

This is according to a new report from the International Plastic Surgeons Association, which has looked at a wide range of countries from Australia to Germany.

It found that while the prevalence of plastic surgery in Italy has decreased by a third since 2010, its percentage of its population is still significantly higher than that of other countries.

“It’s the most popular cosmetic procedure in Italy, and it is growing fast,” said Fabrizio Volli, head of the Italian industry, the International Association of Plastic Surgeon and the association’s president.

“So, if we can find a way to increase its popularity, then we have a chance.”

The report, which was published by the Association of International Plastic Surgery Organisations (IOPOS) last week, examined data from the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision (ICD-9) which classified plastic surgery as a medical disorder.

It also looked at countries that had had plastic surgery on their national registry.

“The prevalence of surgery in the Italian population has declined by 40% since 2010,” the report states.

“In Italy, plastic surgery was the second-most-popular surgical procedure, after ear and nose surgery.”‘

It is a culture that is in transition’According to the IOPOS report, there are more than two million people in Italy who have had plastic operations in their lifetime.

But there are also more than 1.6 million people with no plastic surgery at all, and a further 7.2 million people who have no medical treatment for their problems.

“There is a lot of change in our culture that has happened since 2010 and this is reflected in the population,” said Vollio.

“People in Italy have the experience of being part of a society that is changing, where we can see that there is a difference between cosmetic surgery and other types of treatment.”

The IOPSS report also showed that Italy is the country with the highest percentage of residents who had plastic surgeries in their lifetimes.

“The proportion of plastic surgeons in Italy is more than 30% of the population.

It’s not a small number,” said the IAPOS president, Giancarlo Del Giocondo.

He said there is an awareness of the problems that plastic surgery can cause and a need for more research.

“If we can understand the reasons why this practice is so popular in Italy and how to improve the situation, then this will lead to a more harmonised and efficient health care system, which will help reduce the number of people suffering from these problems,” Del Giaccoon said.

But while plastic surgery has been on the rise, there has been a steep drop in the number, and the prevalence, of other cosmetic surgeries.

The IOPAS report noted that in Italy the proportion of residents with non-conventional cosmetic surgery in their lives has fallen by almost a third over the last two decades.

There is some evidence to suggest that the decrease in the prevalence and use of non-traditional plastic surgery is due to the fact that more people have had cosmetic procedures in recent years.

“This trend has also been reflected in increased awareness of cosmetic surgery among the general population,” the IOPS report says.

There are many reasons why people who want to get a cosmetic procedure may have undergone non-cosmetic procedures, including: age, income, race, and ethnicity, the report adds.

But while some of these reasons may be behind the trend, others are not.

“We have a culture where it is a different culture to how people live their lives and have the same expectations of what they want to achieve,” said Dr Giovanni Ficino, the director of the Milan Cosmetic Surgery Centre and one of the country’s leading experts in plastic surgery.

“We need to work together to get the cultural change going and help this society to be more comfortable with surgery and cosmetic procedures.”

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