Goals Plastic Surgery:weeknd Plastic Surgery

Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton have announced a campaign to create a plastic surgery simulation that will not mimic actual surgery procedures, the White House announced Tuesday.

The new simulator, called The Plastic Surgeon Simulator, will be a pilot program to help electrocute Trump, Clinton and other candidates, according to the announcement.

The president-elect has long been vocal about his dislike for surgery and his belief that the U.S. has been a failing economy for decades, and he has been critical of Clinton’s use of the surgery simulator.

“He has not been in favor of using surgery simulators, but now we have a new one that is a pilot to see what the public thinks,” Trump said in a statement released by the White Tower.

“And I want to thank the President and Mrs. Clinton for taking this important step in our campaign to make sure that everyone in America has the tools they need to get the job done.”

The announcement comes after Trump and Clinton announced the creation of a virtual reality simulator that will be used in a joint White House-Clinton campaign event in January, the first time a presidential candidate and their running mate will share a stage in a virtual environment.

The virtual reality event, called “The Trump Experience,” will also include “the first presidential debate in a Trump Tower building,” according to a campaign press release.

The announcement by the campaign comes days after Trump made his first public comments about using the simulator, saying that he did not like using surgery simulator devices in the past and that he would like to get rid of them altogether.

“I want to make a real-life reality show, and I think it’s the way to do that,” Trump told NBC’s Today show on Sunday.

“I think it is the way that we should do things in the United States of America.”

In the campaign announcement, Trump said that he will be creating a program to “create a virtual world in which we can get the most out of the human body.”

“We’re going to build a world in the future where you can walk around and have real physical interaction with your friends, and we’re going for it,” Trump wrote.

“You’ll have the chance to be a part of this in a real life world.

We will build the world that you will create for yourself.””

Our team is going to create this in an environment that’s as close to the real thing as possible,” Trump added.

“It will be completely virtual and completely real.

You won’t be sitting in a chair or having surgery on your face.”

The presidential campaign announcement comes just days after the Trump campaign released a statement saying that it would work with the president-earlier this month to start a program that would allow “qualified” voters to apply to run for office, and the candidate himself has already announced a plan to do just that.

“We will be working with the President to create and support a program in the coming weeks that will allow eligible voters to be able to apply for a spot in the upcoming presidential primary and general elections,” Trump’s campaign said in the statement.

“As we have already announced, the President-elect is working to create an official platform that will provide the best possible opportunities for the many people that have been denied an opportunity to vote in our democracy because of the extreme barriers to voting put in place by the Republicans and their corrupt political machine.”

“It is critical that every eligible American has the ability to participate in our presidential primary, and this is why we are working with our presidential candidate, Mr. Trump, to help the candidates in his state and across our country make sure they can.”

“I am committed to getting the people that want to get involved in politics, get involved, and that we get out to the polls and vote,” Trump continued.

“We’re ready to get back to the job of governing.”

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