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Plastic surgeons are seeing a boom in the number of procedures being performed on the body, and the trend is expected to continue, with more surgeries on the rise, a report by the United States Cosmetic Surgery Association says.

The report, published on Wednesday, said the number rose to 11,091 in the first quarter of 2017 from 8,826 in the same period last year.

The increase is attributed to a surge in cosmetic surgery operations, which accounted for 8.5 per cent of all cosmetic surgeries performed in the US in the quarter.

That’s the highest proportion of surgeries on body parts since the survey began in 1998.

In the past three years, the number increased to nearly 13,000 operations, an increase of about 3 per cent.

A total of 8,400 surgeries were performed in 2016 and 3,822 in 2015, according to the survey.

It found that more than a third of surgeries were cosmetic in nature, with the majority on the face, arms, chest and shoulders.

There were about 3,800 plastic surgeries performed on bodies in the United Kingdom, a rate of nearly 10 per cent, according the survey, which was commissioned by the British Medical Association. 

It was the first time it had reported such a number of cosmetic surgeries in Britain, said Dr Robert McQuade, head of the group’s British operations division.

The survey found that about 5 per cent had cosmetic procedures performed on other parts of the body.

The majority of surgeries included cosmetic surgery on the scalp, ear, nose and eyes.

The rest were on the neck, arms and legs.

The number of plastic surgery procedures on the head has also increased, the survey said, with about 3.5 million procedures performed in 2015 and 3.3 million in 2014.

The rise in cosmetic surgeries is expected in the coming years, McQuades said. 

“I think that will continue to continue to be the case in the near future, and that’s a good sign for the future,” he said.

“But the trend has been in the direction of cosmetic procedures being the predominant operation.”

He said the increasing number of surgeries could be attributed to people wanting to achieve their desired look.

“It’s been a very good year for cosmetic surgery, and it’s really not about whether you look nice or not, it really is about your look,” he added.

The study also said more than 70 per cent people in the UK had gone through a plastic surgery before, but it said that was a low number.

“A very small percentage of people have gone through their first procedure,” said McQuases research chief, Dr David Stott, adding that people often opt to have cosmetic surgery without having any prior experience of plastic surgeons.

“They may have never had a consultation with a plastic surgeon, they may have had a face-lift or a liposuction or they may not have even had a chin implant.”

The survey said plastic surgery was not always a “no-brainer” but was usually a good choice if there was a good reason for it.

“When it comes down to it, there are two reasons why people choose plastic surgery: cosmetic and medical reasons,” Stott said.

“First, it allows for a more intimate and more intimate experience.

And second, it can be a very safe operation.

It can help to reduce the risk of serious complications, especially if there is no other treatment available.”

The report said plastic surgeons’ main concerns were cost and time-to-market.

“Many cosmetic procedures involve a very extensive amount of preparation and can take months or even years to complete,” it said.

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