Goals Plastic Surgery:weeknd Plastic Surgery

A new study from the University of Colorado Boulder finds that the cost of plastic surgery for the first time in the U.S. is more than double the national average.

The study analyzed the cost and quality of cosmetic surgery performed by the U of C’s Department of Plastic Surgery.

The study was published online in the American Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The cost of cosmetic procedures has been increasing rapidly in recent years, and the study found that in 2016, the average cost of a facial surgery rose nearly 17 percent.

That translates to about $1,000 more per patient.

While the cost increases have been driven by increases in the number of procedures, they are also likely due to the growing demand for cosmetic surgery in the past few years.

The increase in plastic surgery was largely driven by cosmetic surgeries performed on children and teenagers.

More than 4,500 procedures were performed on those patients in 2016.

That’s a 17 percent increase in procedures, and more than 3,000 procedures were done on children under age 17.

A study published in the same journal also found that cosmetic surgeries in 2017 were more expensive than the year before.

The average price of plastic surgeries in the study was $6,400, while the average price for reconstructive procedures was $9,400.

That means the cost per patient increased by about 10 percent.

But the study also noted that the number and quality is increasing.

In addition to cosmetic surgeries, the study focused on the quality of plastic surgeons.

The average quality of the plastic surgeons was about 1.5 stars out of five, which was higher than the average quality for reconstructives.

That indicates that surgeons are making a lot of improvements in their work, said the study’s lead author, Jens Sauer, a professor of surgery.

“It’s really a good sign that plastic surgeons are actually doing a lot better than in the years past,” he said.

Sauer’s research has also shown that the average age of plastic surgeon is declining, while plastic surgery surgery procedures are becoming more complicated.

He said there is a “huge opportunity” for cosmetic surgeons to increase their quality.

The survey found that more than half of the respondents had performed a face transplant, and almost 40 percent had a facial transplant.

More people are also considering reconstructive facial surgery.

The researchers noted that these surgeries may be more expensive if patients have to have multiple procedures.

For example, if a patient has to have a facial reconstruction, there’s a good chance the procedure will be expensive because it involves more procedures, said Sauer.

The findings also showed that surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are working together to better the outcomes of their procedures.

Sauers research has found that surgeons working together are more likely to make improvements in quality.

“When surgeons work together, they’re able to deliver better outcomes for their patients,” he explained.

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